Miso Soup

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 500 ml water
  • 40 g miso paste (red one)
  • Vegetables of choice: mix up carrots, parnsip, fennel, broccoli
  • Browh Mushrooms
  • 3 red oignons
  • 3 shallots

If you want it to be a complete dish: consider adding noodles or lentils, 1/2 avocado or raw salmon add the end in the bowl.

  • Topping: Black sesame
  1. Start heating the water until it simmers. Meanwhile peel (if not organic) & chop the vegetables
  2. Add in the miso paste
  3. Add in the veggies
  4. Let it cook for 8 min at least.
  5. Add in noodles
  6. Serve in a bowl and add in 1/2 avocado/raw salmon & top with freshly torn Thai basil & sesame seed.
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Amélie de Cartier